Chaffee Clan Making the News

Well, yes, but not in a good way. Having been busted by security cameras swiping campaign signs and suppressing free speech Ms. Paulette Chaffee has managed to get herself on the local news.


Political signs theft

A candidate for Fullerton city council has suspended her campaign after she was allegedly caught on camera stealing multiple campaign signs labeling her a “carpetbagger."

Posted by Fox 11 Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Here’s a link to KLTA which ran the story today:

Fullerton Mayor’s Wife Accused of Stealing Campaign Signs

Mayor’s Carpetbaggin’ Wife Busted Stealing Campaign Signs.

Late on the night of October 2, 2018, Fullerton 5th District council candidate Paulette Marshall Chaffee was caught on security cameras brazenly stealing an opposition campaign sign.

Apparently it’s not bad enough that the candidate has created a phony address to run for this office; or that she is the wife of Fullerton’s Mayor, Doug Chaffee; she seems to think it is her privilege to indulge in criminal activity, and supression of free speech because, well, she’s a Chaffee.

The stack of pizza boxes concealed an unpleasant surprise…

A police report has been filed by the victim of this crime and one wonders, given the symbiosis of the cops and the Chaffees what the FPD is going to do about it.

In the meantime, rumor that the shamed Mrs. Chaffee has decided to pull out of the election are circulating. That’s hard to believe since it presupposes a sense of shame.